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Write Source UPDATES - 08.26.12:
  • Difficulty logging-on as a teacher? Contact Lynda directly and she can assist you with your log-in information and trouble shoot for you.
  • Please wait to log your students on to their dashboard until the Write Source completes the batch upload of all students. Approximate wait time: 10 days/2 weeks.
Write Source UPDATES - 08.19.12:
  • You will find "Write Source" on your NAL screen now - YAHOO!
  • Your students will log-on with their SAME log-in as iStation: "s and their number" and then password is same - like with second grade - it is goldfish. Let me know if you need further clarification.
  • Remember to HAVE fun! Get in there and get the Avatar created by the students to start the excitement! Make it a constant "go-to" and you will have a GREAT year with it!
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